Excellent Fresh Fish from JAPAN
We, CRADLE Co., Ltd., exports high quality Japanese food, including excellent fresh 
fish from Japan to the world.
Many Japanese chefs have left their markets in many restaurants outside of Japan. 
The chefs have worked with the local fisherman and have developed Japanese Food 
through educating and training local chefs. Through these efforts, people around the 
world now recognized the subtle yet profoundly complex nature of ‘WASHOKU’ or 
Japanese cooking.
Our specialty…..fresh fish caught in the inshore waters of Japan…caught using the 
traditional fishing method that preserve the freshness suited for Japanese cooking….
purchased directly from the fisherman or bought directly from Tsukiji market throughout 

Processed Sea Urchin
Salmon Roe
Sweet Shrimp/Prawn
Fresh Water Eel
Assorted Fresh Fish

Improvement in food distribution system has affected our worldwide food culture. For example, fresh sea urchin from Hokkaido, known as for its high quality, was available only at a sushi restaurant in Japan, However, the fresh Hokkaido sea urchin is now available throughout the world, Various fish and seafood within 48 hours from being caught in the Japanese waster can be displayed in a food showcase at Japanese restaurant in New York.

Through our pursuit of quality and freshness, we mostly purchase fish caught by hook and reel. These wild caught fish are processed for sushi and sashimi consumption on board through a traditional Japanese method of “Ikejime” by the fisherman. This method of process reduces stress to the fish, resulting in improved freshness and taste. Each fish is then packed to maximize the freshness by considering the amount of time the fish would be in transit before it reaches its final destination.

Company Name:
CRADLE Co., Ltd.
Shinya Saito, President/CEO
Suite-102, 3-40-3, Higashi-Funabashi, Funabashi-City
Chiba-Pref. 273-0002, JAPAN
3 Million Yen
Import and Export of Fresh/Froze Seafood,
Development of Japanese Menu for Japanese restaurant at outside of Japan
Main Client:
Tsukiji Wholesale Market, Local Wholesale Market
Four Seasons Hotel-Doha, Abu Dhabi, UON Co., Ltd
5 Star Hotel in India, Singapore, HK, Taiwan, Korea
Safe Line Group Int’l, Qatar-Doha